Christmas Feels Weird, right?

Christmas Feels Weird, right?

So we all decorated early this year.  We did most of our shopping online. We will probably go  to Church via a device.  We baked our cookies and made our traditional breads and meals.  But it still feels weird.  Is it Restriction exhaustion?   Are we tired of being told we shouldn't be with our friends and families to celebrate on of the most important days in Christian households across the globe? Are we sad and tired of hearing about another beloved store or restaurant shutting down? Annoyed that we hit yet another milestone and the Pandemic is kicking our butts instead of us kicking it!

I decided to take all that negative energy and turn it around. We are fortunate! We still have our health and our jobs.  We still have a roof over our head and food to eat.   We are not going to complain in this house anymore.  Yeah, it really stinks but it could be worse. 

Our family decided to once again to donate our time and resources to helping those less fortunate than us. We prepped bags for the Homeless as part of our Church's Youth Group Initiative.  On Christmas Morning at 7am, instead of running downstairs to the tree, we piled in cars and delivered the bags to the homeless on the streets of Washington, DC.   Not only did we pass out the most basic of necessities we take for granted,  we gave each and everyone of the amazing people we met something money can't buy.  HOPE! 

Merry Christmas everyone!






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