EMPTY TABLES  - Covid Politics and Wine

EMPTY TABLES - Covid Politics and Wine

As you know the US is in a bit of a political whirlwind.  Covid is still threatening to take us backwards instead of forward. Workplaces are adapting! Our homes are busting at the seams with everyone home from work and school.  In general, we are all, a bit, overwhelmed.  Some of us have been able to pivot and adjust.  I am one of those.

Reminiscing of the "old days" with my kids the other night, we were talking about how we were always rushing to some thing or some where.  Now we have no where to go!  Whether work, school, sports or church, we spent so much time driving from one place to the other. Isn't it kind of nice not having all that "stuff' taking up your time?  The one thing I do miss are the wine events.  

The wine events were just fun.  Meeting people that shared at least one thing in common with me.  Having the opportunity in turn to share with them the love we have for Greek Wines.  I loved sharing the stories of meeting the amazing winemakers in Greece, whether at Oenorama in 2018 or at the wineries themselves.  I miss talking to people face to face about the varietals and the climates of Greece, and that the wines can easily hold their own against California, France or Italy.  

When we started this site, we were fueled by those same stories to get the American consumer to know and love the greek grapes as much as we do.  We knew nothing of the politics of wine or the laws of wine. We completely underestimated the hurdles we would have to jump.  For every one supporter we had three haters trying to chop us down.  Some reps from distributors basically laughed at us when we called to place orders for just a case or two.  Some people showed "concern" that we would burn out.  Some suppliers never even returned our calls.  The Laws of Wine are even more complex than the politics.  The laws are Prohibition Era, in other words, outdated!  We can ship to some states but not others, even though consumers wanted them!

In the past two years, we have learned, struggled at times and limits were tested. But the one thing that remained, is our love for Greek Wine.  Covid has forced us all to look at things differently.  The time we have should be spent with the people we love and doing the things we love.  We love what we are doing and have the support of so many who love Greek Wine.  Knowing that, there is no obstacle or hurdle we can not overcome. So, we will endure the empty tables for a bit longer, and look forward for when we can all clink our glasses together again.

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