Happy Birthday to UG!

Happy Birthday to UG!

It's hard to believe that 2 years have already passed since we started this crazy journey.  I call this a journey for several reasons. 

First and foremost, we are honored to represent the winemakers!  The wine literally takes a journey to get here and figuratively, as well.  From the grape to the bottle, then the label to the box, then to the container to the shipping, from the importer to the distributor, from the distributor to me and then finally to you.  Each wine and winemaker has an amazing story, we are glad to share it.

Second, we knew you, our customers, would love the wines! We also knew that you would need to taste and understand them. We are not there yet, but each day a bit closer. I am constantly reminding the team that this is a marathon.  90% of our efforts are spent introducing the wines and grape varietals.  Tastings -private and public, Greek Festivals and Special Wine Dinners partnering with restaurants and chefs are just a few of the ways we are bringing the Greek Grape to the forefront. 

Thirdly, we did not realize exactly how much we too needed to learn. Not just about what's in the glass, but the mechanics and laws of the Industry.  Shipping, taxes, reporting (the endless reporting), the quirks of distribution and importing and wine availability are all complicated variables.  It's taken us just about everyday in the last two years to align ourselves with the right, and like-minded, people to make this passion a reality.

You have our promise that we will continue to bring these wines to your doorstep!

We are so grateful for everyone that is still with us in our journey!

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Cheers to Greek Wine, Cheers to UG and Cheers to You!


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