March 25th - SPECIAL

March 25th - SPECIAL

On March 25th of this year, Greece will celebrate 200 years of Independance from the Ottoman Rule.  In 1821, the Greeks revolted against the Ottoman empire and demanded their freedoms. For more about the Revolution, see the article from

Hellenic News of America

It's also the day we Greek Orthodox Christians commemorate the Annunciation of the Theotokos.  This is the day when the Archangel came to Mary with the news that she would be mother to the son of God.  

All across Greece, and the world, this day is enjoyed with parades, family and  friends. At the heart every Greek celebration, there is always food and wine!

So in honor of our heritage, we will offer 25% on six bottles or more of our amazing wines for 2.5 hours on Thursday, March 25.  Mix and Match whatever you like! Use Code MAR25 from 12pm EST to 2:30pm EST.

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