Snow In Greece?

Snow In Greece?

Most people think of Greece with its miles of beaches, white washed houses against the Aegean blue waters.  You'd be surprised how many people had no idea that it even gets cold in Greece, let alone snow!  This pictures is from our friends at Domaine Karanika from Amyndeo.  This winery specializes in Sparkling wines that are out of this world.

Amyndeo, named after the Alexander the Great's grandfather, is an area in the far north west of Greece. This winery produces fantastic sparkling wines from two of our favorite indigenous varietals.

The first Xinomavro, the main reason the winemaker came to the region, is  the noblest red grape variety of northern Greece. The grapes from this area produce small yields per vine, which offers decadent red wines, higher alcohol and great tannins to assist with aging. 

The Second Varietal, Assyrtiko, a native to the hot and airy island of Santorini.  Karanika was the first to plant this variety in such an elevation and produce it biodynamically.  Taking the Assyrtiko to a newer sub climate, causes the grape to ripen slower which seemingly creates an even more complex and aromatic wine.

We have a few of his wines, on our site and are working with importers to bring in more of his portfolio.  Check them out, here!


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