They’re Back.. The Holidays…

They’re Back.. The Holidays…

It’s so hard to believe we are actually only 75 days until Christmas. Seems just like yesterday we were trying to figure what Christmas with Covid was going to be like.  Sadly, we are still in this predicament.  

Here is what I am going to do!  I am going to spend precious time with Family and Friends, eat, drink and be merry.  Here is a link to our friends at for a Traditional Greek HolidayDinner.

On Christmas Eve, we will gather at the house full of cheer and joy,  We will start with appetizers usually with a Malagousia or Savatiano, then will roll into a seafood course with Assyrtiko.  The next course will probably be a pork this year with bottle of Agiorgitiko followed by a Beef or Lamb course with our personal fave - Xinomavro.   For dessert, I haven’t decided but this seems like the perfect year to break out the bottle of Dessert Wine, I have been saving for a special occasion.  

I’m ready, are you?



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