Why #DrinkGreek Wine?

Why #DrinkGreek Wine?

Why #DrinkGreek Wine?

We often get blank stares or looks of surprise when we tell people to try the Greek wines from our shop.  Most people don’t know that Greece makes wine.  Some people only think Greek wine is that old standard of Retsina. Wine has held a place in Greek Culture for over 4000 years. History can be relived with every sip as it transports you to the rocky shores, plush valleys, or steep and snow- capped mountains. 

We are having so much fun enlightening and sharing our passion for the bottles coming from Greece today.  So, the answer to the question, “why should you be drinking Greek wine” is easy and simple.

  • INDIGENOUS GRAPES- These grapes are unique and have a sense of place and time. The flavors are like no other. Some of the indigenous grapes have been on record since the time of Aristotle, like Limnio.  Agiorgitiko, from Nemea, Xinomavro from Northern Greece and Assyrtiko from Santorini are just a few that resonate with Wine Lovers from around the globe.  But there are even more!  You may be enjoying other Greek Grapes and not even know it as many were transplanted in Italy and beyond with the Venetian traders.


  • FOOD FRIENDLY – Greek wines are made to go with food. As part of the Greek Culture and Hospitality, meals are not just grab and go, they are events. Families, and friends, recharge, reconnect, celebrate or just enjoy each other’s company over lunch and dinner. Wines are on the table that highlight, or are highlighted, by the plate set before them.  Many families have their own vines and make their own wine for just these occasions.


  • VALUE- Greek wines are a hidden value. They are not mainstream yet!  Many bottles have beat out their French and Italian counterparts in blind tastings.  In other words, the quality of the wines is equal or superior to many of the bottles from other countries for half the price if not more.


  • ORGANIC VINEYARDS- Many, if not most, wineries take a very holistic approach to agriculture, which is the Greek way. Some have received the “organic” certifications, but many have not. The majority, of winemakers, are the farmers that plow the fields, plant, prune and harvest the grapes.  This “farmers touch” allows for the best fruit before it even goes in the bottle. As for the wine making process, since the grapes are healthy, the wine needs minimal to no manipulation.  The newest generation winemakers have studied in France, Italy, Germany and the US.  They brought that knowledge back to the family and are making some of the most spectacular wines.  Many have invested and updated the technology in the facilities, while others still do things the traditional way.


  • TASTES GREAT – the most important aspect of wine is the taste. All the talk about tannins, acidity, PH, Brix, (bla – bla -bla) is mute if what comes out of the bottle does not taste delicious.  Greek Wines taste great.

My love for Greek wine was sparked not just by me being of Greek Heritage, but by the ingenuity of the farmers and winemakers.   The “renaissance” in Greece the last decade, the strife of the economic crisis, and persevering spirit of the Greek winemaker, to me, is the modern-day David and Goliath story.  Each, and every, winery has an amazing story.  You get that truth from every sip of the bottle!

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