One of the most popular Greek red varietals, agiorgitiko is dominated by red fruit, a plummy profile and medium acidity, and soft tannins. It is easy to confuse it with Merlot. The best expressions are in the area of Nemea in the Peloponesse region. But be for-warned, Agiorgitiko is a chameleon. When young,and produced with grapes in the valley, it has a Beaujolais demeanor (lighter color, fruit forward). If the grapes come from the surrounding hills and mountains (2,000-4,000 feet), from low yielding, non irrigated vineyards, the resulting wines are higher in alcohol (13.5% plus), denser with dark fruit, heavier tannins, and more complex; at this point they remind us of a right bank Bordeaux (Merlot), with some Cabernet Sauvignon added. Some styles, can also be compared to Zinfandel (but with lower alcohol).