Lacomatia Robola 2018

by Sclavos Winery



Sclavos Lacomatia Robola 2018

This extremely difficult and low yielding vineyard planted at an extreme grade yields much of the power of the Vino di Sasso bottling and in 2018 finally yielded enough fruit to warrant a single vineyard bottling. In it’s youth,the vines struggled and took 7 years to bear fruit. The combination of high elevation (almost 1000 meters) and limestone/blue clay soil composition coupled with the warm, island temperatures  of Cephalonia combine to create a wine of intensity and depth. Full bodied with meyer lemon, orangepeel, bitter almond and stone fruit with an underlying laser beam of minerality and acid.

It is one of the greatest white wines i’ve had in years.We will receive just a bit of this gem. It is both delicious now and cellarworthy