Vin Santo 4yr Old

by Estate Argyros
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From the master of its kind comes this lovely desert wine from Santorini. It is a blend of the island’s indigenous grapes (Assyrtiko, Aidani, and Athiri). This maybe the “entry” wine to Argyros’s desert wine world, but make no mistake, this is complex, fruity, yet retains tension. Honey, almonds and apricots are evident on the nose. The residual sugar is balanced perfectly by the intense acidity. The finish is long and persistent. Keep it for a couple off days and notice how it becomes more complex and balanced, as well. Although a younger wine than its  sibling, this will hold for 20-25 additional years so, plan ahead. In the meantime, get out the cigars, and quality chocolate. ABV 13.5%   Cellar Worthy.