Aivalis Winery

In this vineyard, the Aivalis' grow these red varieties: AGIORGITIKO, SYRAH, CABERNET, and MERLOT.  The white grapes they grow are CHARDONNAY, SAUVIGNON BLANC,  and ASSYRTIKO.

This winery is inspired by the philosophy of non-intensive agriculture, which means zero fertilization and watering, so that the root system is forced deep in the ground to look for food and moisture. The wines of the estate are not stabilized and not filtered, so as to hold the pure authenticity and character of the grape.

This vineyard based in Nemea has been in the family for generations. However some areas have been added in last decade.  The style of winemaking from this family is simply letting the grapes do their thing with little input by man. Annual Production:  40,000 bottles from 14 hectares (approximately 35 acres).


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