Domaine Costa Lazaridi

The winery is situated in Northern Greece in the region of Drama. It is one of the largest wine estates in the country. It was established in the early 1990’s by Costas Lazaridis who was originally in the marble business. His love for the French varietals shows in the range of wines the estate produces. From the aromatic Sauvignon Blanc, to the Cabernet blends the wines have a French profile; furthermore this was the first winery in Greece to consult with Michel Rolland (of Bordeaux fame). The Amethystos range of wines has been a success story for over 20 years, as well as the impeccably made Cava Amethystos, a fantastic Bordeaux (right bank) style made with Cabernet Franc grapes. The estate has positioned itself as a leading quality wine exporter, especially to Germany, the USA, and other wealthy markets. 230 hectares (569 acres) under vine. 800,000 bottles produced.

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