Gentilini Vineyards

On the picturesque island of Cephalonia, in Ionian Sea, Gentinini Vineyards has been established as one of the most important wineries in Greece. Established in 1984, by Spiros Cosmetatos it is synonymous with the local white varietal, Robola. In the mid-late 1990’s ownership passed to Cosmetatos’s daughter Marianna and her husband  Petros Markantonatos. Grapes come from high elevation vineyards, on the slopes of Mount Ainos. The Robola wines created are beautiful examples of fine winemaking, using superior fruit; elegant, floral, with intensity and complexity. Markantonatos, not content with just white wines, ventured in red wine territory producing one of the finest examples of Dry Mavrodaphne (black laurel), the indigenous grape used traditionally for the production of the eponymous desert wine. Fruit comes from three distinct vineyards, while yields are kept very low. French oak barrels are used for aging, adding complexity; the resulting wine is absolutely stunning, dark, inky, complex with fantastic acidity, polished tannins, and a long finish. Furthermore, the winery has made a mark with the production of Syrah that has acclimated very well to the island’s micro climate.  Annual production: 8 Hectares (19 acres). Annual production 100,000 bottles.

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