Mylonas Winery

The winery, situated in the eastern side of Attica (30 minutes from Athens), is the brainchild of Stamatis Mylonas. Although the family history of the winery can be traced back to 1917, it wasn’t until the early 2000’s when brothers Stamatis, Antonis and Tasos took over the business with a focus to establish the local white grape (Savatiano) as a major varietal that is capable of producing an amazing range of styles. Indeed, this white grape, a backbone to the famous (or infamous) Retsina, had only produced mediocre wines, until the turn of the 21 st century. Things were going to change if Stamatis had his way, and its clear, today, that Savatiano not only has been uplifted, but it is capable of producing complex, age worthy wines. The vineyard is composed by older savatiano vines (45 plus year old), yields are kept low, under the bone dry Attica sky. In the winery, stainless steel tanks are used, along with French oak and acacia barrels (for the more complex styles), as well as clay amphora. The wines retain a wonderful texture and complexity, and the ranger is diverse; from the (not that simple)savatiano, to barrel aged examples, to an orange wine, Mylonas has a wine for all palates. 12 hectares (30 acres), 60,000 bottles.

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