Lost Lost Helleniko

by Kitrvs Winery

This wine is EPIC. Rated highly in Greece by critics, not really on the world stage yet because the quantities are so limited.  So blessed to have gotten our hands on it.  

If you like wines that are earthy, this ones for you, its literally like you just hiked in the forest on an autumn afternoon just after a rainstorm.  Their are hints of olives and strong tea with a side of ruby, red cherries. 

This grape also known as Anglianiko in Italy, was once very prominent in Ancient Greece.  Greek Merchants in the time of the Venetians took it with them to Italy and have been making exceptional wines with it ever since. Therefore it became lost/forgotten in its native Greece.  This winemaker revived it in its homeland after 1000's of years.

This bottle a blend of two vintages - 2012 & 2013.